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Piano for Grown Ups – Let’s Play Music

You want to just sit down and play the music you love. Would you also like more…

RELAXATION, INTERACTION, and JOY – a Personal and Community Experience

Our vibrant, seasoned, alternative music community in Apex focuses on these principles:

  • personal relaxation
  • meaningful interaction (without video screens), and
  • the joy of playing music.

Denise Flora guides private alternative music lessons, mostly piano, mostly for adults. Read reviews at the bottom of the page here.

  • No recitals or competitions – it’s not about performance
  • Potluck party about twice per year – it’s about connection and support
  • ~ 30 families modeling love for music – an interactive community experience


Connect to this caring community and learn to play or replay music for yourself. Coaching available for

  • children, teens, adults, and seniors
  • hundreds (4 yrs to 84 years) have participated
  • piano, guitar, bass, ukulele, autoharp, recorder, and more
  • Musical cross-training, multi-instrumentalism, and gratitude are encouraged


  • Stop wishing and make a start to relax, connect, and enjoy playing music
  • Call us to reserve your time in the schedule 919 362 8393
  •  Write for more info
  • Take “play piano someday” off your to-do list

Here are a few more benefits below. Hoping to see you soon.

ADULTS, SENIORS Screenshot from 2019-09-10 21-36-39

For adults, learning (or re-learning) to play the music they love can be satisfying and stress-relieving.

For seniors in particular, playing music can be a joyful fulfillment of a bucket list item, a way to reconnect to favorite memories associated with familiar songs or a way to share the joy of carols or other spiritual music with the next generation.

Playing music can also help our physical and mental health by keeping brains firing across many interconnected areas, fingers moving, posture strong and social connections thriving.



For the younger ones, neuroscientists demonstrate that learning to play an instrument helps children achieve their full potential by improving brain structure and function for better memory and attention.

Changes from this music education result in wide-ranging improvements in verbal and math areas as well as supporting creativity, and even increased empathy and emotional resilience.

Specifically we will show them how to start any positive habit, how to settle in and breathe to improve focus and concentration, and how to advocate for their own personal learning style.


For children and adults, the one-on-one, face-to-face attention received during the lessons is an increasingly rare luxury of caring connection in our world of omnipresent screentime.

Call or write to learn more about joining our learning community or to schedule time to begin:

919 362 8393                              

See for more information.

Let today be the day you begin your journey for more relaxation, meaningful interaction, and joy!