Rhythm is everywhere – a ticking clock, turn signals, our footsteps, the heart. What if we could program our own internal playlist to give our days more focus and meaning by keying practice of virtuous thoughts to sounds we hear or rhythmic movements we make throughout the day? Here in The Rhythm of Virtue blog you’ll find a variety of meaningful verse and practices, based on traditional themes, many ways to integrate practice in daily life, some science and some real life stories, including how I created these practices for myself, as well as excerpts from a workbook tool I’ve written to help you to do the same with your own list of virtues. See more about The Rhythm of Virtue and other resources from Florasabi Creative at http://www.florasabi.org.

“Thank you for being a wisdom holder in our community and helping us create one of love, support, and joy.” — Family Dharma Campers

Wisdom holder

How can we become a happier human being with a big heart? The cause of happiness is positive thought, positive thinking. A negative thought and a positive thought cannot arise simultaneously. So we need to keep positive thoughts in mind throughout the day. The Rhythm of Virtue. Very good. Wonderful. Think something positive.”

Geshe Gelek Chodha

Resident teacher at Kadampa Center for the Practice of Tibetan Buddhism


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